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Design a firm for the 21st century

The firm of tomorrow is a firm focused on a precise customer with a clearly defined set of solutions. They exactly what they do, and what they don't do. Importantly they are not all things to all people - they know who they can add value to.
Major Focus Group through consulting programs and workshops, helps firms refine their business model and in the process achieve fast growth.

Develop the skillsets to transform small business

Business owners want help to make smart decisions to grow their businesses. The huge opportunity for professionals is to Transform Small Businesses the world over. From identifying critical measures that matter, improving cashflow, refining business processes to helping with pricing and other strategic issues there are lots of opportunities. Become a Transformational Firm. 

Major Focus Group through consulting programs and workshops helps firms have the skillsets and tools to be able to deliver these transformational services. Working with small business owners in this manner is highly profitable and importantly highly rewarding. 

Pricing is the most powerful lever of your business

The most profitable firms are paid for the value they create rather than the hours they work. They command the prices that they deserve. It is important to have the right pricing strategy that fits with being a 21st-century firm. Better pricing is more important than any marketing or sales strategy. it is about moving from costing to understanding value.

Major Focus Group through the consulting programs and workshops help firms to transform their client relationships and dramatically improve their profits by unleashing the power of pricing. 


-   Much has been said and written about the death of compliance. From it will be totally automated and dead within 5 years or it will never happen, and everything in between.  However most accountants and bookkeepers react to this
- What are you doing to grow value added services? We all know that with the current developments of cloud technology in the Accounting Industry, that there's a huge opportunity to be able to provide true value added services. There's no doubt
- Are you prospective ideal clients voting for you Here in Australia we are in the midst of the federal election - Malcolm Turnbull the current Prime Minister (Liberal) is facing Bill Shorten (Labor). And who does not know about the
- Before we answer that question though lets consider the real product of say a business like Disney.  You could state that the product of Disney is :- movies, theme parks, toys - the list could go on. But you could


Our mission is to create amazingly successful accounting, bookkeeping & adviser firms that deliver fantastic profits & freedom to all. These firms transform small business around the globe the engine of growth and transformation for our society.

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